Githugをやってみたついでに問題を意訳してみた その2


8. There are some files in this repository, one of the files is untracked, which file is it?


9. A file has been removed from the working tree, however the file was not removed from the repository. Find out what this file was and remove it.


10. A file (deleteme.rb) has accidentally been added to your staging area, find out which file and remove it from the staging area. NOTE Do not remove the file system, only from git.

deleteme.rb が間違ってステージングエリアに登録されてしまいました。ステージングエリアから削除してください
注! 実ファイルは消さないでください。gitからだけ消してください。

11. We have a file called oldfile.txt. We want to rename it to newfile.txt and stage this change.


12. You will be asked for the first 7 chars of the hash of most recent commit. You will need to investigate the logs of the repository for this.


13. We have a git repo and we want to tag the current commit with new_tag.


14. The README file has been committed, but it looks like the file forgotten_file.rb was missing from the commit. Add the file and amend your previous commit to include it.


15. There are two files to be committed. The goal was to add each file as a separate commit, however both were added by accident. Unstage the file to_commit_second using the reset command (don’t commit anything)

これからコミットしようとしているファイルが2つあります。 別のコミットにしたいのですが、間違って一緒にaddを行ってしまいました
to_commit_second ファイルをresetコマンドを使ってステージングから削除してください

16. A file has been modified, but you don’t want to keep the files. Checkout the config.rb file from the last commit.


17. This projects has a remote repository. Identify it.


18. The remote repositories have a url associated to them. Please enter the url of remote_location


19. You need to pull changes from your origin repository.

origin リポジトリの変更を取り込んでください

20. Add a remote repository called origin with the url https://github.com/githug/githug

リモートリポジトリ origin を登録してください。 URLは https://github.com/githug/githug になります

21. There have been modifications to the app.rb file since your last commit. Find out which line has changed.


22. Someone has put a password inside the file ‘config.rb’ find out who it was